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Pakistani Grind/Crust/Hardcore bastards Multinational Corporations spit their dormant hatred, body-bagged in an EP entitled "JAMAT-AL-MAUT" Prepare to torture your hearing and unleash this uninvited deafening noise!

Re-mastered re-release by Transcending Obscurity on a pro-CD!




OUT NOW ON TAPE! Co-Release by Grindfather (UK) and Extreme Terror (Holland).

krytycznasytuacja@interia.pl (Extreme Terror)
grindfather.prod@googlemail.com (Grindfather)


OUT NOW ON CD! Limited to 100 copies / CD-R (Sticker) - 4 sleeve cover (lyrics) in a slimcase & plastic sleeve format.

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You can also buy the tape from Girls Cartel, USA!



Multinational Corporations aka MxCx is a Grindcore band from Lahore, Pakistan. The band consists of Hassan who does vocals and writes lyrics, and Sheraz who does all the instruments as well as mixing the tracks. The EP has been mastered by Jeff Fischer. Artwork made by Aneeq Zaman.

Jamat-al-Maut is basically the two of us getting together for 4 days to let out all our anger, hate and general fury out into an EP. The anger here is all real shit that has accumulated over time due to the fucked up conditions of living in Pakistan. This is our 2nd release after our "Equality" demo in 2011.

Our primary influences are: Napalm Death, Disrupt, Driller Killer, Disfear, Assuck, Capitalist Casualties, Discharge, Full of Hell, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, Agathocles, Infest, Brutal Truth, Integrity, Doom, Insect Warfare, Nasum, Rotten Sound, Nails, Cripple Bastards, Repulsion

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released March 23, 2014

Sheraz Ahmed - All Instruments including Recording and Mixing
Hassan Umer - Vocals and Lyrics
Jeff Fischer - Mastering
Aneeq Zaman - All Artwork and related things



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Multinational Corporations Lahore, Pakistan

Grind/Crust/Hardcore lashkar from Lahore, Pakistan.

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Track Name: Fuck Your Patriotism
Loadshedding. Illiteracy. Shortages. Terrorism. Government solution? Endless patriotism? Fuck your patriotism. A broken record won't heal broken homes. World's biggest flag? Shove it up your ass. Fuck your patriotism.
Track Name: Jamat-al-Maut
Assassins in the name of god. Killing for sharia law. Jamat-al-Maut (congregation of death). Chalo saath (let's go). In gashti ke bacho ne sab ko kitna maara hai (these sons of whores have killed so many). Ab in madarchodo ki bari hai (now it's their turn). Line pe lagao salay Taliban (put all the Taliban in a line). In ki kuss mein fire (run bullets in their ass). Jamat-al-Maut (congregation of death). Fight the scum before it's too late. Kill them all. Blow them to bits.
Track Name: Stratum Slave
A mass heap of blabbering fools chasing after a fucking rupee. Confine your life to a box, work for a status until you rot. Our souls are chained. Our life's a joke. A material existence impossible to discard. A desire for something more than adherence to ideals and values based on greed. Though unable to abstain from this joke. Forever a slave. Stratum slave. Forever a stratum slave.
Track Name: Advertisement Overdose
Advertisement overdose. Watching TV comatose. Surf Excel, Lipton Tea. But what the fuck is there for me? All this shit is all the same. Singing, dancing, all the day. Clog my brain with your ads. Clog my brain with your fads. Yaar bhenchod TV band karo yaar (motherfucker turn off the TV). Bhenchod kya chutyap laga hai yaar (motherfucker what is this shit). Yar tu TV kyun nai band karta!? (why aren't you turning off the TV!?). What I'd give to have some fucking peace. Turning on the idiot box is a mistake. Subjected to things you will never purchase. Wasting all your life til the end of your days. Feeble mind now lost in a capitalist haze. Advertisement overdose. Watching TV comatose. Surf Excel, Lipton Tea. Chutiyap (crap). Not for me.
Track Name: L.P.C.
Walking down the street with a chip on my shoulder. Getting more pissed as I get all older. Don't you tell me what to do. I don't even care. Don't you tell me what to do. Lund pe charh (sit on my dick).
Track Name: White Collar Communism
The ghost of Marx lingers on in the hearts of the rich and affluent. Bourgeois guilt extends influence. Nothing to gain, everything to lose. False heirs to the workers struggle. Yet we fall into that trap time and time again. Zameendaro mein bharosa kabhi nahi rakhna (never trust these landlords). In ki zaat hai hi khanzeero ki (their race is that of pigs). In ke baap daado ne hamara khoon choosa, ab in ke bachay laal jhanday uratay (their kind has sucked our blood, now their kids wave red flags). Lund ka Socialism (bullshit socialism). Lauray ka Marxism (bullshit barxism). White collar communism. A feudal class contradiction. White collar communism. An upper class innovation. Maaro bhenchod (beat the motherfuckers up).
Track Name: Salaab
Years have gone by, nothing seems to change. Locked up in this cage while our spirits, they rage. Face to face with fate, intoxicated on hate. Time to break free, time to take control? No angel, no god. No messenger, no khalifa. Only ourselves lest we turn to dust. No one will save us. Fuck your revolution, fuck your inquilaab. Badal apni soch, phir aye ga salaab (fuck your revoltion. if you change your mindset, then the real flood will come).
Track Name: Penniless Pride
Sleepily marching to our graves. Stumbling, we drone on in rhythm with the artificial noise of contemporary life. Glass and cement replaces sticks and stones. Bones will break as thousands are displaced. Capitalist barbarism. Totalitarian existentialism. Penniless pride as the system divides and pulls us further apart.